Why Autoresponders?

If you have been looking at taking a business online or creating one from scratch, you will hear people tell you about autoresponders. The reason for the talk about them is that having an autoresponder for your business is a great way to get traffic on demand.

What Is An Autoresponder?

The original autoresponder was just an email address that would send an automatic response whenever someone sent an email to that address. This is useful for a business that is only interested in getting more information to a prospect – one time – and then follow up with them manually.

But many businesses wanted a series of messages to go to a prospect. Not all at one time, but rather send a message every day or two. This is a great way to keep information going to a prospect without having to pay someone to follow up with them. Many autoresponders can get the word out to your prospects without having to do anything except get people into the autoresponder.

Two of the most popular autoresponders are Aweber and GVO Response Plus.