Why Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is when you get a hosting account that can be subdivided into smaller accounts for you to resell to others.

Why would someone want to get a hosting account from you instead of going straight to the source? For the same reason that not everyone has a dedicated server. People have different needs. They may only need a small amount of space and bandwidth for their site, or maybe you are offering extra services to add value to the hosting you are reselling (like installing a blog, handling support or being their IT person…). In either case, reseller hosting allows you to get your hosting for next to nothing as soon as you have a few clients.

Using Reseller Hosting

If you want to get Hostgator Reseller Hosting, you can click on the link below and use coupon code ‘hostingforprofit’ to get $24 off. (I recommend getting the Hosting For Profit Reseller Hosting, because you can offer your prospective clients a LOT more than just a hosting account for what you charge them – which can be a lot more than what you are paying).


How Reseller Hosting Works